Managing it all is hard- work, maintaining a home, preparing meals, and now possibly filling the role of an educator/tutor for your child. Keeping them active in addition to all of this can be a challenge to say the least. 


We get it, everything combined allows the ease of technology to take over our children’s lives - tv, tablets, phones - so much that we saw it happening in our own homes.


We decided it was time to help make a change in our homes and our communities. The  Peak Kids program was created by our team of fitness and coaching professionals to combat a sedentary lifestyle and help keep our children active through the developmental stages of their lives using fun recreational sports and activities. 


Turn off the tv, put down the tablets, and give your child the best chance at living a healthy, active life. 

Kids Playing Volleyball
Kids Running

The Program

Centered around the developmental stages of a child’s life, Peak Kids introduces a variety of recreational sports and activities throughout the duration of the program. 


With a low coach to participant ratio, we optimize the attention given to each child. Our team cultivates an environment free of competitive pressures where we encourage children to listen, learn, and ask questions.


Our parents have the peace of mind knowing all of our staff members are US Safesport Trained, background checked, and CPR Certified.

Base Structure


Group Size of 12-24

Ages 5-12

1-Hour Session

1-5 Times Per Week (dependent on community)