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Professionally designed programs from certified providers you can rely on. 

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Knowledge & Experience

You want the best, and we are here to give it to you!

Peak's team of coaches is made up of a wide variety of knowledgeable professionals that are there to help your residents achieve their wellness goals. 

Our Group Fitness coaches are nationally certified and trained.

Our personal trainers are certified experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, training program development, exercise application and fitness assessments. They excel at applying that knowledge to your residents' own goals, no matter their age or fitness level.​

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Customer Service Driven

Resident satisfaction and participation is what keeps the engine running!


It is the mission of Peak coaches to make every attendee feel like they are welcome and surrounded by support!


Our fitness coaches are always happy to provide assistance and demonstrate modifications if needed. Their ultimate goal is to make residents as fit and strong as possible, safely, and effectively.

Professional Coaches

There is nothing worse than residents waiting around for an instructor to show up. At Peak, we take service seriously with our Check-In Procedures and Code of Conduct that all coaches must abide by.

Code of Conduct

Our team of coaches have ethical and professional responsibilities to your community, residents, other recreation and fitness professionals, and the Peak organization.


Peak has instituted a Code of Conduct that the coach relationship is founded upon. Noncompliance with the code will affect the coach's status as a professional within the Peak team.

Peak Foundations

  • Coach-Client Relationships

  • Coach Conduct and Practice

    • Accountability

    • Awareness

    • Communication

    • Integrity

    • Professionalism

    • Respect

    • Safety

  • Professional Partnerships


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